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About Me


Hi, I'm Venesa Coodien - Author of the British Mauritian cook book and self taught private chef specialising in Mauritian food with a British twist. 

My love of food has had me cooking for friends and family for years. My parents are from Mauritius and I am lucky enough to visit every so often myself. 

I decided to put my efforts into sharing some of my cuisine with you all and offering a private chef and catering service. 

Mauritius has an amazing diverse culture which allows for the most wonderful food fusions and dishes. 

The British Mauritian (me) offers a personal private chef service whereby I personally prepare and cook a meal of your choice at your home for your special occasion or dinner party. 

I also offer a catering service for events or special occasions. 

My book is also available to buy where you can find the recipes of some of the dishes that are on my menu.

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