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A recipe book with a fusion of Mauritian, British and other flavours from around the world.

The British Mauritian was published and realeases during the Covid 19 lockdown 2020.

I always wanted to put a book together but never really had the time. Being in lockdown gave me that opportunity.

I started to cook a lot more and tarted to experiment and started to learn all the wonderful meals my mum has made us over the years.

All my friends and family love my food and I thought I would share my love and passions for my food with the rest of world as well.

The food from Mauritius is amazing as is the Island itself. The food is simple, cost effective and easy to make. My recipes include food from Mauritius and a few dishes from my travels.

I hope you enjoy the food as much as my friends, family and I do.

The British Mauritian

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